An artist despite himself

Fifteen years went by, during which Joukhadar had focused on questions of a scientific nature. Then, one afternoon, tired after a long session with a computer specialist working on perfecting some software for his mathematical research, Joukhadar mechanically doodled a textile design. The result was so pleasant and surprising that he found himself engaged in the game whenever he could. A few thousand patterns have been designed during the past six years, becoming progressively more elaborate and refined, all being executed with disarming speed and ease.

The dexterity and ease with which he had created this explosion of shapes and colours brought Joukhadar back to art. He became convinced that, for him, art was not just a hobby but rather a calling, and therefore that his works needed to be brought out of their ivory tower, although some of them have joined works of Renoir, Picasso and Matisse in a number of large private collections.

Today, the Joukhadar Foundation, based in Geneva, allows this extraordinary body of work to take the place it deserves in art history and aims at propagating the culture and humanism that inspire it.