La Joconde

isabelle-desteThe thoughtlessness and unawareness of Leonardo da Vinci’s biographer has misled generations of art historians.

Vasari could not imagine that he was introducing the most famous work of art in the world, and that his comments would be ruthlessly checked; his Mona Lisa is now passé, and she is actually a brilliant princess obsessed with her image.

A phenomenal and unbeatable world record: nearly twenty thousand visitors flock to the Louvre daily and suffer in the hope of seeing the most famous museum piece in the world. It is presented to them, as well as to hundreds of millions of interested people and in hundreds of thousands of publications, under a false identity.

It is time to put an end to this absurd confusion which has reigned for centuries and to restore to the lady of the Louvre her true and illustrious identity, irrefutably. All the more so as Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece remains up-to-date with his 500th anniversary, his transfer to the Salle des Etats (Room of States) in the Louvre, and the prevailing da Vinci mania.

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