Analysis: Symbolic Portraits

Extrovert – Introvert

This is not a simplistic illustration of the terms introvert / extrovert, but a very complex and subtle reading. These two works were produced at the same time, the same week. Note the watercolour-lead pencil opposition, colour and lack of colour. The framing is very intimate. One person is shown as in an interior. It is not a great hall, it is a small room. There is an intimate bedroom lighting, not the lighting of a room lit by a chandelier. The lighting is condensed. For the other, lighting comes from everywhere. It is open air and in infinite spaces.

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Face from the Beyond

visage-de-lau-dela-3‘I did it in a sort of second state. I remember, I was absorbed in a deep reflection on the human condition, it was two or three hours before sunset. I remember everything, the terrace where I was, lighting, colours, objects, everything but sound, absolute silence. I went to my room, took the first sheet that fell under my hand and sanguine (a material I had never used except when I bought it a month ago for some highlights on a quickly done drawing with a red pen). I was hypnotized. I began by drawing one eye then two others underneath and I continued a man’s face from a female model.’

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Face of a man

visage-homme-3-copyStudy carried out with the so-called ‘three crayons’ technique: bistre, sanguine and chalk. Technique requiring great mastery to achieve a correct proportioning of its three components. The historian of art, who doubles the artist, is at the origin of this choice. Indeed, Joukhadar is always surprised that certain techniques with remarkable artistic qualities are nowadays neglected. Particularly sensitive to the delicacy and refinement of these techniques, Joukhadar also finds them very tasteful, due to the absence of any easy or spectacular effect. Only connoisseurs can ignore the low cost of the material and recognize the real artistic value of a quality watercolour, a sanguine, a bistre, a wash or a pastel.

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