Free, free, free!

Having an in-depth knowledge of Art History, Joukhadar aims at clearing people’s minds of the tendency to systematically classify artists. For him, such an approach is scholastic and often absurd. He does practice what he preaches and succeeds at defeating any attempt to classify him, expressing himself in several very different styles in order to defend and demonstrate an idea that is close to his heart:

“An artist who is a true master of his art, knows how to create both his work and the rules, canons and criteria that enable him to perfectly control his activity. All the genius of that artist lies in his capacity to transgress the criteria that he himself created wherever it is necessary, in order to free his work from all restraint, rigidity or monotony. There lies the difference between a master and a disciple, a creator and a follower, a free mind and a narrow mind, between a great artist and a serial producer.”

S. Joukhadar

The style is therefore chosen according to the message; it is subordinated to serving a specific goal. For Joukhadar, style should not become a tyranny shaped according to the versatile and transient forms of an epoch or a context.