Fate knocks three times

Despite his deep interest in art, Joukhadar had never considered starting an activity in this field. Unlike for example Berlioz or Tchaikovsky, he was convinced that he should pursue the legal or diplomatic career his parents sought for him; he was preparing to serve in the high ranking State positions that were meant to be his responsibility. However, Joukhadar didn’t know that, by a twist of fate, in 1971, three major and successive events were to change the course of his life.


The first event took place at night, after an ordinary family evening, in the quiet solitude of his room. He felt the mysterious and sudden presence of an acute artistic consciousness, almost supernatural and unknown to him. He found himself driven to draw a hand, with the workmanship and refinement of a great master. It was just like someone who had never played music, and who, in a moment of bliss, sat down at the piano for the first time and played a Liszt study to breath-taking perfection. Joukhadar discovered overnight that he possessed an unexplained technical ease and command, as well as a powerful artistic maturity.

7He had never really had the ambition to be an artist. His dreams and ambitions had always been centered on physical and intellectual achievements, among other things mastering the largest possible number of languages and, above all, embracing all forms of knowledge. He never was able to understand what happened that night, or the reason for his sudden artistic calling. The unpredictable and imperious manifestations of his artistic impulses remain in his eyes a kind of mystery that he can only describe as an altered state of consciousness.

Shortly afterward, the doors of a specific kind of knowledge opened to him, related to a speculative as well as an operative high initiation.

Then, a brutally announced tragedy totally changed the course of his life, forcing him to develop the mental state of a yogi in order to overcome its disastrous consequences and allow him to maintain an intense level of activity.